I have a passion to drive cars but hate it on a daily basis. What does it have anything to do with speculation? The topic of the self driving cars has popped up in a conversation and we’ve been through the ordinary aspects of it. What’s more interesting is that given the self driving ecosystem will evolve then cars are going to “degrade” into a simple gadget. If it’s true then the next big thing can be a fully integrated system where smart houses, cars and gadgets (classic phones, PCs etc.) work together. F.i.: the house automatically shuts down when the car leaves; the heating system turns on when we get into our car and head home; we can easily add a new stop (finding a new place online and adding to the car’s route manager) without having to look at the map/gps how to get there… and the list could go on. My point is this might be a niche market right now and my best guess would go to Google for their self driving car and Android platform but it possibly can create a bunch of whole new companies yet to be established.


Moral of the story (for me) is that the brain is the most important organ so investing into education is the best call. The brain can create something out of nothing (my opinion is that probably the artists have the best life – I’ll explain why if requested) and the tradeoff is repeatable – low cost, open ended investment.


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