There are recurring topics on my screen or in my discussions and one of them is youth unemployment. It will be a huge problem in the next 5 years when the youngsters will be entering the real world. Every young adult will face a very challenging environment in the next couple of years and if they will be unable to cut it then their resumes will have too much blank fields to allow them to fill meaningful or high value added jobs. If you look at the countries with the highest unemployment rates then it becomes really frightening: there are some nations where we are witnessing a whole generation losing hope. Of course some of them live on their families` accumulated wealth so it`s not an immediate problem but every day work against them and they will never have the chance to create the same standard of living that they parents did.
“The most disadvantaged youth are those with low skills or from migrant backgrounds.”
Not to mention how this will cement the inequality and reduce the social mobility in the European society.


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