Friday was calm day blending into the slow summer flow we had been experiencing this week.

NYC is still one of the most attractive cities to live in. There are multiple incentives driving the prices higher but one of the most important thing is the gravity of the city which seems to remain for the future according to the market dynamics.

1000-2000 people may not seem too many compared to the estimated American expats but the increase raises some question to think about. I can`t talk unbiased about the US or FATCA so I`ll simply ask my questions. Is there any other county in the world that can issue a FATCA-like act without backfiring? Will such act hurt the US and its citizens in the long run when they look for investment opportunities? Does anyone think such burden will remain unpunished by other nations (f.i. tax, administrative or any other law changes on the expense of US citizens)? And the string could go on…


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