I couldn`t help but noticing how dating sites and apps are on the rise, shaping matchmaking to a modern lifestyle. However a lot is changing in society and one of the aspects is in the following post: http://blogs.berkeley.edu/2013/07/31/still-living-with-your-parents-inequality-hits-home/

This post focuses on Americans but I`m almost sure that one can find the same trend in the EU as well. Since my blog is not about social arguments, let`s see the phrase that caught my attention: “Another detail is that this development has been notably stronger for adult sons than daughters.”

Based on supply&demand, the guys in their teens and twenties who won`t fail to launch and make something out of themselves are gaining greater bargaining power because there will be a shortage of them. On the other hand, the competition among women is turning more fierce and they might end up becoming the settler. So the Princeton Mom`s wisdom about finding the right man on the campus is getting more  and more valid if the young women try to make the smart call.


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