A significant recovery took over the market in the last 3 days and it disregarded the worse US macro data which would imply some sort of strength although large-cap performed a little better than small-cap in the recent days so the lift might not be widespread enough to last. Meanwhile the FED official are sending mixed signals and it`s far from the ideal communication strategy which they should have in a critical time like this.
Some gossips resurfaced about the troubled situation of italian debt and the existence of hidden skeletons, too bad I don`t have the resources to get proof of it. Seems like the EU cannot stand idly so they`re graving the cornerstones of the new banking regulations and putting ballasts on their own banks by including the deposits into bail-in-n-out funding. I mean seriously, someone who has more than 100k EUR can easily transfer his/her money in a jiffy leaving the european banks with a lack of capital.


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